The CrimeThat Made National Headlines!

The Abduction & Survival of Teri Jendusa-Nicolai

Covered by CNN, Interviewed On 20/20 With Barbara Walters, Oprah Show Appearance

Teri Jendusa-Nicolai married David Larsen with high hopes of a normal, happy marriage. What Teri couldn’t have known was David had concealed his true personality for more than a decade. Behind his mask of humor and sociability lie a domineering husband, relentless in his pursuit of absolute control over his wife.

After several attempts to escape her marriage, Teri finally left David for good, soon after the birth of their second daughter. Slowly, she began to piece back together a life for her and her girls. But David’s reign of terror wasn’t over yet.

Left for Dead is the compelling account of one woman’s indomitable will to survive and to hope when all hope was lost.


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“This book is important because it gets our message out as to what we do to help abusers change their value systems.”
Maureen Manning-Rosenfeld, clinical professional counselor


“Teri Jendusa-Nicolai’s story is a powerful example of the horrific lengths of barbarism a man can go to when he considers a woman his personal property. And it is, equally, an inspiring, riveting story of a woman’s courage and clear thinking under the absolute worst of conditions, and of her tenacious hold to life…”

-Lundy Bancroft, author, trainer, and activist on male violence against women


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Best-Selling True Crime Author RJ Parker (5 stars out of 5)

5.0 out of 5 stars LARSON IS AN ABUSER YOU’LL COME TO HATE, March 20, 2013


LEFT FOR DEAD is a well-written true story of a young woman who was abused. Not only abused, which unfortunately is common today, but beaten beyond recognition and stuffed inside a garbage can to die. I found myself getting angry at her ex-husband and would love to have a few minutes alone with him. But life in prison for him I’m sure won’t be pleasant.

After three years of marriage and two daughters, this brave woman had enough of the abuse and got out. She started to get her life back together and had recently re-married. She went to pick up her daughters at her ex-husbands place and he said the daughters were hiding so to come in a find them. After entering, he beat her numerous times over the head with a baseball bat. Taped her up, gagged her, and put her in a garbage bin in the back of his pickup and brought her to a storage unit. There he placed many boxes on top of the garbage bin, sealed the door and left.

Without given the story away, when Jendusa was found, she was unrecognizable, lost all her toes due to frost bite, underwent surgeries, five weeks in hospital and miscarried. She had only found out the day before that she was pregnant.

It’s a sad gripping story, but with a happy ending.

Bestselling true crime author, RJ Parker

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Reader Review (Amazon)
This was a book that I could not stop reading because it was such an incredible true story about spousal abuse taken to the extreme. Teri is such an inspiration and fighter. The book will leave you cheering for her tenacity but angry at the ex-husband who tortured her.
It is well written and documented and ultimately has a happy ending. there are suggestions for seeking help and watching for warning signs of an abuser. I read many books and this one stuck with me because it really happened to a loving mother and well-loved human being.